The 5 Essential Qualities of a Great Recruiter

By admin June 11, 2018

I’m sure there are some great recruiters, out there, but for some of you who are still far behind excellence, here are the five essential steps that we recommend you to follow in order to conduct an effective interview.

  • Be different. The main purpose of a job interview is to attract a new candidate, so try to show the best of your personality. Make it fun when asking your questions, this way, you will create a very cool atmosphere. Remember, they need a connection they have never had before. Sometimes new opportunities just means meeting new interesting people.


  • Be a good communicator. During an interview, the recruiter must give as much information as possible about the company and the objectives of the job offer. Following the interview, it is also important and professional to update the candidate on the progress. If an applicant doesn’t trust you, then there is a big chance that s/he will not trust the represented company either.


  • Don’t be offended. Some are better than others at making a first perfect impression, but let me remind you that an impression is only subjective. Don’t fail a candidate for not being on the same level as you are. It’s time we start recognizing their potential and give them the opportunity they deserve!


  • Get ready before the interview. Interviews resolve around applicants so you need to find something positive to say about the schools they attended or the companies they have previously worked for — this will give you something to talk about and help you, as a recruiter, break the ice, instantly. Remember, if there is no interest on the recruiter’s side, surely there will be no thrill on the opposite side, either.


  • Be patient. If you see that an applicant is struggling to talk about his/her past experience, then don’t force that person’s hand. You need to understand that some people were probably not given enough attention in their life. Instead, assign him/her a task, related to the job offer. I’m sure you will get some positive results.


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