1924 Association

We run a high impact social responsibility program and we share our profit and assets with who need it most. The WorkFor Group is a corporate global citizen that recognizes the importance of acting responsibly, ethically, and having a positive social impact in all of our locations.


Our Corporate Responsibility Program (CRP) is about making a positive impact when conducting business. With a truly European presence, the WorkFor Group has a unique advantage to support humanitarian and charitable causes.

Since 2005, our CRP has had a high social and economic impact as a result of distributing 50% of the company’s profits to charity through our 1924 Association.

The CRP is a combined effort between shareholders, the management team, employees and 3rd party volunteers.



We help our vendors, clients, and employees go 100% electronic. We support clean technology installations in all our locations. We develop sustainable operations and keep track of our global footprint.


We work with important organizations to develop partnerships in local communities. We provide cost-free services to reputable organizations. We support charitable causes and collaborate with non-profit organizations worldwide to positively impact the development of our societies.


We help states develop immigration and emigration programs in accordance with humanitarian and human rights best practices.


We are an equal opportunity employer and promote a safe, accessible and fair workplace environment.