Our mission

We believe in the power of human talent and the potential of every team. Our mission is to enable sustainable business operations by offering transparent, optimized, and integrated end-to-end business administration solutions.

We provide value to our customers in three steps

  • 01. Business expansion and administration solutions.
  • 02. Experience and understanding of the leading European markets.
  • 03. Physical presence in each country with a vast list of solutions.

Our Brands

WorkFor is an Employer of Record and HR Management provider. The unique combination of recruiting, employer of record, and employee management solutions makes WorkFor one of the leading providers in the industry. With a pan-European presence, our own recruiting platform, and a physical office in every one of our locations, WorkFor is an established and respected brand.


WorkFor Recruiting is WorkFor’s recruitment platform developed to facilitate the hiring process and enable candidates to easily find a job. The simple design of the platform combined with our recruiters’ approach gives power to human talent and its unique value in the world of work.


AdminMe offers payroll processing services for leading companies across Europe. Years of expertise and a presence in the hubs of Europe combined with cost-efficient and trust-worthy services, are what makes AdminMe the go-to provider when it comes to businesses expansion.


HRPM Technologies is an IT Solutions provider that builds, hosts, and maintains software setups for businesses in Europe. With in-house built tools and professional teams in each of the locations, HRPM enables companies to monitor HR and Payroll processes remotely.


1924 Association

We run a high impact social responsibility program and we share our profit and assets with who need it most.

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