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Business expansion, simplified.

With physical presence in eight countries and more than 15 offices and teams spanning the continent, WorkFor is one of the most trusted Employer of Record (EoR) providers in the industry. We enable businesses to expand to the major European cities with three solutions: Employer of Record, Incorporation Solutions, and Entity Leasing. WorkFor is a Professional Employer Organization helping businesses expand their operations in eight European countries.

WorkFor is a Professional Employer Organization helping businesses expand their operations in eight European countries.

Employer of Record Solutions

If you’re a company looking to hire employees in Europe, you can do so by using our Employer of Record solutions. This service is suitable for businesses that are looking for a quick and efficient solution to hiring abroad. Find out more about it here.

Incorporations Solutions

If your company is ready to take the next step by opening up a foreign legal entity, our Incorporation Solutions can help you mitigate the risk of business expansion by providing transparent and efficient registration services. This solution offers you a legally operational local entity in no time. Find out more about it here.

Entity Leasing Solutions

If your company is looking for a temporary solution to doing business abroad, we can lease you a fully operational legal entity with its own office space in ten days. This solution suits businesses that are either testing a new market or that are in need of a temporary legal entity for business transactions. Read more about it on

Recruit your next best hire.

We believe talent is a core part of any business. Our recruiting platform is developed for the modern employer of today. We provide placement, screening and recruiting services, and help you hire the employees you need. Hiring is organized by our bilingual team of recruiters at our local offices, in accordance with client requests.

WorkFor Recruiting is a simple and efficient recruitment platform developed with the job seeker in mind.

We work with international and local companies to provide the best employment opportunities on a daily basis. Our mission is to find the dream job of every candidate. We believe in the power of human talent and we approach recruitment from this perspective.

If you’re a business just starting operating in one of our locations, we can help you find, recruit and hire the employees you need. Read more about WorkFor Recruiting.

HR and Payroll, made easy.

Transcend the barriers of global business, by accessing our HR Outsourcing services. Our bilingual experts around the continent possess up-to-date information and knowledge on employment legislation and hiring process. Our payroll specialists are industry experts in running and managing payroll processing services.

AdminMe is a leading provider of cost-efficient HR & payroll outsourcing services in eight European countries.

HR Administration Solutions

Whatever your business needs, AdminMe has the expertise, solutions and knowledge to manage your employment operations. We provide help and information with statutory laws, legislation, employment contracts, employee taxation and more. Every operation is digitized so you can have up-to-date access to information about your employees. Read more about this service here.

Payroll Processing Solutions

Our payroll specialists work hand in hand with legal and tax consultants in each of our locations to provide 100% compliance and the regional provider of payroll solutions for many leading companies. The payroll service is fully digitized so that both employees and clients have access to payslips, reports and essential data. Read more about this service here.

Powered by in-house technology.

All our employee management services are backed up by leading edge technology, developed for modern employment practices. We have our own processing software and all our data is highly secured on our platform. This allows us to administer a pan-European network and assure staff placement in any of our offices.

HRPM Technologies offers secure IT solutions that sustains business processes in all our European locations. Our IT Personnel Placement services enable secure and business operations in Europe. You can outsource all your IT process to us and we will build, maintain and administer your software factory. Find out more about HRPM Technologies.

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